2018 Apple Award Employee Representatives

Apple Awards

The Foundation for Douglas County Schools is pleased to announce the 2018 Apple Awards representatives. The Foundation received more than 5,000 nominations that speak to the incredible talent and impact of the DCSD family. Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations and to the many, many staff making a difference every day for our students.

The Representatives listed below have been selected by their school or department for their excellence and dedication in service to our students. We congratulate each of them for this incredible honor.

Next, a committee of individuals across DCSD assembled by The Foundation for Douglas County Schools will select the 2018 Apple Award finalists. These honorees will be announced at the Apple Awards ceremony on April 21. 

School/Site/Department Certified (Teacher) Representative Selection Classified (Support Staff) Representative Selection
Academy Charter School Reena Hutchinson Sara Shriver
Accounting/Business Services   Denise Ruthenbeck
Acres Green Elementary Michael Poland Peggy O'Keefe
American Academy-Castle Pines Anna Singleton Jamie Knowles
American Academy-Lincoln Meadows Jennifer Whittaker Robin Petoia
American Academy-Motsenbocker Whitney Millikin Ana Brekke
Arrowwood Elementary Holly Husband Dori Kellams
Aspen View Academy Dawn Combe Donia Garcia
Bear Canyon Elementary  Andrew Miller William Mefford
Before & After School Enterprises Paula Zwemke  
Ben Franklin Academy Emily Ward Janet Harlow
Buffalo Ridge Elementary Ryan Root Jody Robinson
Castle Rock Elementary Megan Bryant  Dionna Rucker 
Castle Rock Middle School Phil Shew Laura Carey
Castle View High School Rochelle Walter Sabrina Gentry
Challenge to Excellence Lisa Marshall  
Challenge to Excellence Tara Matos  
Chaparral High School Kate Muus Tom Joyce
Cherokee Trail Elementary Lindsay Tyler Michelle Brezina
Cherry Valley Elementary Kim Antons Jenn Ford
Cimarron Middle School Traci Waite Katherine Balasopoulov
Clear Sky Elementary Tara Brunell Fran McBee
Copper Mesa Elementary Kathy Christensen Mark Stephens
Cougar Run Elementary Stephanie Leeper Wendy Jo Woody
Coyote Creek Elementary Felicia Phelan MacKenzie Eyster
Cresthill Middle School Andy Levine Tom Montoya
Daniel C. Oakes High School LeeAnne Ladd  
DCS Montessori Denise Glenn Brenda Kjar
Douglas County High School Josh Thrall Tonya Axworthy
Eagle Academy Diane Fern Giuliana Battaglioli
Eagle Ridge Elementary Robin Vora Becky Nazzaro
Early Childhood-Castle Rock Leslie Kennedy Lanee Giesen
Early Childhood-Highlands Ranch Theresa O'Hearn Gay Betsy White
Early Childhood-Parker Erika Pope Megan Olson
eDCSD Josie Pulliam Holly Withers
Eldorado Elementary Keith Nomis Keven Allen
Flagstone Elementary  Amy Duelm Wendy Lewis
Fox Creek Elementary Sara Schumacher Terry Palazzo
Franktown Elementary Chandra Baca Shellie Hawkins
Frontier Valley Elementary Jennifer Hensley Anne Wilson
Global Village Academy  Tami Hine  
Gold Rush Elementary Stacie Martino Jennifer Dale
Heritage Elementary Ashley Linn Cindi Zulkoski
Highlands Ranch High School Jeanette DiGennaro Marie McClanahan
HOPE Online  Aurora Gonzalez Celina Apodaca
Human Resources   TJ Crawford
Information Technology   Chris Abbey
Iron Horse Elementary Elizabeth Ackerman Becki Gonzales
Larkspur Elementary Jena Stucky Sandy DeShazer
Legacy Point Elementary Robyn Buckland Peggy Knox
Legend High School Amanda Bucher Lori Skoglund
Lone Tree Elementary Julia Wiley Melissa Rapp
Mammoth Heights Elementary Jeanne Graham Carissa Mazzeo
Meadow View Elementary Melanie Cronican Jenny Frueh 
Mesa Middle School Niki Brock Michael Osborne
Mountain Ridge Middle School Andrea Beckett Lori Hemesath
Mountain View Elementary Lindsay Ham Kate Bufton
Mountain Vista High School Wendy Strait Susie Durdy
North Star Academy Debbie Benson  Tina Gamard 
Northeast Elementary Michele Burnett Jeff Proper
Northridge Elementary Erin Lehnert Elizabeth Archer
Nutrition Services   Marlene Zahn
Operations & Maintenance   Chad Spurlock 
Operations & Maintenance   Terry Headrick
Parker Core Knowledge David Goode Sara Mundt
Parker Performing Arts Allison Mayes  
Personalized Learning Cindy Close Jill Dutton
Pine Grove Elementary Judy Branch Gina Volpi
Pine Lane Elementary  Melinda McShane  Barb Morrill
Pioneer Elementary  Kim Betschart Lisa Collins
Platte River Academy Erin Bidwell Danielle MacDonald
Plum Creek Academy Luke Lorenz JP Parker
Ponderosa High School Shannon Rademacher Rebecca Patterson
Prairie Crossing Elementary Bobbie Louis Deidre Huppert
Ranch View Middle School Ann Rhinehart Kelly Bradley
Redstone Elementary Tina Finnerty Meghann Evans
Renaissance Elementary  Doug Baker  Sara Kern
Rock Canyon High School Ben Dale Erik Brown
Rock Ridge Elementary Scottie Martin Leah Earnest
Rocky Heights Middle School Laurie Williamson Gunther Gates
Roxborough Intermediate Chris Prodis Milo Mendoza
Roxborough Primary Allison Kersgard Diane Songer
Saddle Ranch Elementary Colleen Meyer Lisa Kuta
Sage Canyon Elementary Heather Pepper Vanessa Powers
Sagewood Middle School David Straayer Karen Miller 
Sand Creek Elementary  Jenna Marshall  Keri Morton-Feil
Sedalia Elementary Benjamin Kellerman Molly Hobbs
Sierra Middle School Meghan Quirk Terri Rovig
SkyView Academy Patti Ward  
SkyView Academy Lauren Meighan  
SkyView Academy Alexa Brooks  
Soaring Hawk Elementary Jennifer Tracy Monica Allen
South Ridge Elementary Sarah Hodnett Debbie Hogan
STEM School Highlands Ranch Kelly Thatcher Kathy Falter
STEM School Highlands Ranch (Secondary) Jenny Johnson  
Stone Mountain Elementary Melody Romero Jamie Lavigne
Strategic Sourcing   Carol McMahan-Kotzer
Summit View Elementary Brittany Kinder Barbara Hranchak
Thunder Ridge High School Wilbur Sameshima Les Earwood
Timber Trail Elementary Jenny Agster Amber Jachetta
Trailblazer Elementary Emily Dawson Lisa Torres
Transportation   Shannon Vieira
Wildcat Mountain Elementary Mary Hilzer Beth Anderson
World Compass Academy Shana Coffelt Jenny Garland

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Special Education records which have been collected by Douglas County School District related to the identification, evaluation, educational placement, or the provision of special education in the district, must be maintained under state and federal laws for the period of five (5) years after special education services have ended for the student. Special education services end when the student is no longer eligible for services, graduates, or completes his/her educational program at age 21, or moves from the district. This notification is to inform parents/guardians and former students of Douglas County School District's intent to destroy the special education records of students who exited special education services as of June 30, 2016. These records will be destroyed in accordance with state law unless the parent/guardian or eligible (adult) student notifies the school district otherwise. After five years, the records are no longer useful to the district, but may be useful to the parent/guardian or former student in applying for social security benefits, rehabilitation services, college entrance, etc. The parent/guardian or eligible (adult) student may request a copy of the records by requesting the records at this link ( Douglas County School District Transcripts and Records Requests ).