One School, Two Buildings

The Story of Roxborough Primary and Intermediate

One School, Two Buildings

Years ago, the Roxborough community experienced a housing boom, like many communities in the South Denver area. As a result, more families moved to Roxborough and our one school building, located at 8000 Village Circle West, swelled to a population of about 900. Our district and our community realized it was time for a new school building.

The new building is located approximately one mile from the existing building. The attendance boundaries that the new building created could have divided the community in half along economic lines; the Park neighborhood would attend the new school and the Village neighborhoood would attend the existing school. The Roxborough citizens had worked tirelessly through their civic service groups to unify the community and this new attendance boundary would undermine that work.

In the interest of solidifying the community, the Roxborough citizens, parents, and school leadership designed the One School, Two Buildings model. The existing school became Roxborough Primary, grades PreK-2, and the new school became Roxborough Intermediate, grades 3-6, located at 7370 Village Circle East. This model means that every child progresses through our two campuses, creating a unified community where the school is still at the center of our small town.

The One School, Two Buildings Model Today

Today, our high level of collaboration between the two buildings ensure a strong PreK-6 alignment in curriculum, assessment, parent communication and teacher development. Our principals meet once a week, our teachers meet once a month and we participate in professional development as a collective Roxborough staff throughout the school year.